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Zulfat, 16 years old

After a year of study at our school at the age of 14, Zulfat started selling 3D models on various platforms.

At the age of 16, he completed an internship as a 3D artist with the partners of our school, RocketGames.

Now Zulfat works on backgrounds and locations in the visual novel genre at RocketGames on a full-time basis.

Sonia, 12 years old
I took a trial lesson, very informative and interesting! The teacher explains very well and expresses his thoughts, all at the highest level! The staff is very attentive and will help you with any difficulties. I strongly recommend everyone to acquaint your child in this area. It's interesting and exciting!                                                                                                                                                
Nastya, 14 years old
The first impression is on top, the son is ready to learn. Thanks for the new experience
Arisha, 14 years old
We are grateful to the teacher Diana for her patience, understanding and professionalism. It was a year long journey. She taught me a lot, I found another thing that I want to do. Thanks for the opportunity.           
Max, 15 years old
My son is delighted!!! Passed the first trial lesson and now goes to the course. Little that interested him except for games, but then he got carried away, it's really very cool! Thanks
Daughter loves it, exactly what we were looking for. She created the rocket herself, painted it, set the orbit and everything came in motion! Great. And what will happen next!
We passed the first trial lesson and the child was so carried away after the first lesson that she sat all evening trying to understand the program. We will continue! Very good support service.                                   
Nikita, 16 years old
I went through a trial lesson and signed up, the teacher is kind, he tells everything very clearly. You can ask anything any time. (Diana Wolf hello!). I advise everyone.                                                                       
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