• Course
  • 11-14 years
  • Computer
  • International Certificate

Web design

Professional layout of sites - a skill that is useful for any profession of our time
9 months
2-5 projects
8 modules
How the training is conducted:
We will learn the key tools – from Tilda to HTML and CSS – and the main stages of creating a site: plan, design layout, development and layout
We will go through the full cycle of creating a creative project "in an adult way": from the idea and plan before interaction with team and presentation.
We will develop at least five full-fledged projects that will form the basis of the portfolio of a web designer and web developer.
Course program:

The course consists of 8 modules, each of which introduces the student to new tools in the development of sites.

The students themselves choose what their sites are dedicated to: whether it will be a service for the choice of films, a blog about their favorite hobby or a page of a football team!

9 months
8 modules
5 projects
48 hours
Who will benefit from this course?

Teenagers 11-13 years old who are fond of modern technologies and gadgets, dream of learning how to create websites and program or are simply prone to creativity. No special skills are required, and coding experience or a "technical" mindset is not necessary: we teach from scratch.

Classes are held on a special platform using the online services Tilda and GitHub - you do not have to download additional programs.
Student works
Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Nicosia
University of Nicosia
Computer Enthusiast
Three years of teaching experience
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