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  • 9-14 years
  • Computer
  • International Certificate

Graphic design

Introduction to the world of visual communications: from the basic tools of a graphic designer to the secrets of managing the user's attention.
9 months
5-7 projects
8 modules
How the training is conducted:
Each lesson students are introduced to a new designer tool: we draw 2D illustrations and develop the corporate identity of an imaginary company, create advertising animations.
We learn to look at design as a project and pay special attention to its tasks: for whom do we draw? What emotion do you want to convey to the viewer? How to make the design not only beautiful, but also informative?
We will collect a portfolio of 5-7 projects, including concept art of the character, advertising animation, fashion design, prints and a 3D layout of the city.
Course program:

The course consists of 8 modules, and at the end of each of them the child presents his project.

The future designer will learn how to create raster, three-dimensional and vector graphics, make collages, process photographs and draw people. We will teach the child to solve real problems that graphic designers face: from book layout to the development of identity

9 months
8 modules
5-7 projects
48 hours
Who will benefit from this course?

Children and teenagers 9-14 years old who are fond of drawing, modern technologies and gadgets, dream of trying themselves in the profession of a designer or are simply inclined to creativity.

No special skills are required, and the experience of training in an art school and other creative circles is not necessary: we teach from scratch.

Classes are held on a special platform, you do not have to download additional programs.
Student works
Creative approach to the organization of training, can find an approach and help children to open up, creating an inspiring environment in the classroom.
Frederick University, Graphic Design
City of Professions Masterland & Evrika Kids Club
Freelancer, teacher
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