Scratch-programming (8-10 y. o)

All children love fairy tales, stories, they love to invent and create various fantastic characters. The child endows objects, toys, animals, plants with living characters, composes various subjects with their participation, and thereby tries to express his inner state.

But it’s not enough for a child to create a fairy tale in his head. He has a need to visualize it. What did you and I do in our childhood? We took a piece of paper and tried to transfer whole combat operations to it, flights to unknown planets, stories about fairy-tale knights, princesses and wizards.

Modern children, surrounded by computers, smartphones, tablets, will not always take up pencils and felt-tip pens in such cases. Most children would rather prefer a gadget. The task of adults is to teach the child to use a computer for creative expression.

Choosing «Scratch-programming» course -   is a great opportunity for children 8 – 10 years old to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Scratch, with which you can create your own projects: animated and interactive stories, cartoons, computer games, presentations, slide shows, postcards with moving and talking characters.

Scratch – Scratch is a unique programming language that focuses on children and the development of their creative potential.

Programming opens up many new learning opportunities for children. The skills of working with multimedia, create the conditions for active, search-based learning, diverse programming, and allow us to better understand how the new technologies that surround us in everyday life work.

The word programming is often associated in children with a very boring and complex process. What did the developers of the program come up with? They created an environment that is based on the basics of the Logo language and uses technology from the famous Lego constructor.

he peculiarity of programming in  Scratch is that you do not need to write the program in the form of text. Instead, the program is made up of blocks that need to be dragged and joined like Lego blocks. Lego. 

Colorful and simple interface. Young users can easily navigate in this environment.

What qualities does Scratch develop in children?

  1. Information literacy
    Creating projects in the program, children work with different types of information: pictures, text, sound, animation, while maximally showing their creative abilities. In the process of work, children sometimes have to collect and process information from various sources, as a result of which they become more selective and competent in working with information.
  2. Critical and logical thinking
    In the created projects, it is necessary to coordinate the behavior of objects, their interaction with each other, reactions to various events. The children learn to think critically and reason, building a chain of logical events.
  3. Setting goals and finding a solution
    Work on projects in Scratch requires the ability to set goals, determine the initial data and the necessary results, plan the steps to achieve the goal.
  4. Self-development and self-determination
    Working with the Scratch program instills in children persistence in achieving goals, creates internal motives for overcoming problems.
  5. Creativity and curiosity
    The program encourages creative thinking, involves children in the search for new solutions to problems.
  6. Interpersonal interaction and collaboration
    Working on projects in Scratch allows students to work on projects together, as the program allows you to exchange sprites, scripts, files with each other. Moreover, the program allows you to share your projects on the Internet with a huge community of scratchers around the world, as well as explore, discuss and use projects that are open to others.
  7. Responsibility
    When creating his project, the child must be aware that millions of people can see his creation and be prepared to react correctly to their reaction.
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Robotics EV3 (10-15 y.o.)
Mobile development (9-14 y.o.)
Scratch (8-10 y.o.)
Обучение чтению (5-7 лет)
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