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An innovative learning system, children study in small groups of up to 12 people, study physics, mathematics and other natural sciences using robotics and invention. More details....

The curriculum is based on the principle of continuity of the educational process. Missing classes negatively affect the achievement of the final result. We ask you to be responsible, disciplined and not to miss classes without good reason.
Classes missed for a good reason can be worked. Classes missed for other reasons cannot be worked - the lesson is considered to be held and paid.

As a rule, pass. In each case, teachers coordinate the conduct of classes with all students in the group. Occasionally, classes during the holidays shift in time due to temporary groupings.

You can attend any lesson by agreeing this with the teacher in advance. If suddenly you could not attend a lesson for any reason, let us know. The teacher reserves the right to refuse to attend your lesson, but agrees to invite you to any other.

In order to see how the lesson is going, it’s enough to fulfill several requirements: arrive on time (it’s forbidden to attend a lesson that has already begun), notify the teacher, get his consent and agree on your presence with the school’s administration if it uses the admission regime. Remember, in class you are just an observer. Try not to distract your child and others from the learning process. It is forbidden to interfere in the educational process, talk on the phone. If you violate these rules, the teacher has the right to ask you to leave the lesson. Remember, your behavior is the first and foremost example for children.

As in any school, to achieve visible success, it is necessary to adhere to a systematic approach to attending classes. In each new lesson, more complex tasks are set, based on previous lessons. Therefore, when the group is already staffed, we try not to change the composition of its members. However, we will find solutions for each application.

The most important thing is the child’s interest and desire to learn. All our courses are designed in such a way that anyone can start training without special training.

We don’t know what program your child was involved in. Our program is specifically designed for our educational process. Regardless of robotics experience, we recommend starting the course from the beginning.

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