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Robotics WeDo
(6-10 y.o)

90 min. once per week.

During the course kids build robots out of Lego WeDo and animate them using a computer program. Mastering the exact sciences in a simple and fun way. More details

Robotics EV3
(10-15 y.o)

90 min. once per week.

The program for young students. In the classroom students assemble models from the Lego EV3 designer, program and test the robots. More details

Scratch programming
(8-10 y. o)

90 min. once per week.

Scratch is a child-centered programming language. In the classroom students create cartoons, computer games, interactive cards and presentations. More details

Mobile development
(9 - 14 y.o)

90 min. once per week.

Creation of games and applications for smartphones based on Android system. Kids design, program and test their own applications. More details

Unity (10 - 15 y.o)

90 min. once per week.

Work with the Unity engine, which is used by professional game developers. In the classroom, students create characters, work with 2D and 3D graphics, animation, light, sound and special effects. More details

Чтение и письмо на русском языке
(5-7 лет)

90 минут один раз в неделю.

Уже на первом-втором занятии ребенок прочтет первые слова. А в конце курса будет читать рассказы и красиво писать. Подробнее

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We teach children to learn, think and invent

In small groups of up to 12 people, your child collects and programs special models of robots from the Lego constructor, studying physics, mathematics, programming, 3D modeling, a computer device and much more. Our courses are available for the children from 6 years old! Students receive not only programmatic knowledge, but also useful communication skills. And most importantly, learn the basics of the profession.

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